Ok. Well I actually forgot about this, and how much it had helped me in the past. I suppose I’ve covered everything that’s up with me before and I’m sick of myself.

28 and hating all my entire shit.

I’m in a new rabbit hole of conspiracy and freaking myself out, I’m sort of hiding now.

On a lighter note:

I still have standing up boobs so that’s a win I suppose.

I’m sitting on my bed contemplating stupid crap like spiders who are the reason for human life.

Still no friends, so I don’t have to do the central perk thing. (I don’t like sitting, standing, talking, listening, trying to help, asking for help or all that)

Oh I forgot about my posts about stuff I hate. Look up for a quick refresher. Nah here’s some:

Sitting, sorting, sports, shouting, questions, answers, phone calls, standing, standing up for anyone, people who say “let me think on that” (on what? Are you getting on top of something you piss bowl), pants as trousers not undies, intended recipients, understanding words, thesaurus, dinosaurs, ghosts, ghouls, magnets, magnifying bugs anddddddddddd trying to think sleep.

Ok moans enough. Hi everyone, it’s been a while….. since I could… hold my head up high, it’s been a while… since I first saw you.

Sorry. I talk to myself for reflection. I reflect badly.

Bye kiss kiss cuddle..


Hate it number 2!

Wool – its squeaky and gross.

People that say things like “between a rock and a hard place”, “bigger fish to fry”, “A poor workman always blames his tools” or “A problem shared is a problem halved”……  Shut up.

Teeth picking – don’t do it outside you pig.

Old men’s jokes – I’ve heard that, yes, you’ve told me it for 26 years.

Fake laughing – normally at old men jokes.


People who have to show their love to the world by grabbing their partner in the middle of somewhere busy to show everyone they can snog and just so you know that 5ft 110lb stud is taken. Or they can’t let each others hand go when they come to a lamppost or me and I’ve to conga under it.

Fake crying – normally really loud so you’ll look.

Clapping at an event.


Those new running shoes all the kids are wearing – they look like banana idiots.

Sand – its the worst thing in the world, hell might actually literally be on a beach.

Nits and knits.


Drinking from a stream.

Untying knots.

People who know knot tying.

Not allowed Lego at 26, and also that you can’t just buy a box of random Lego now, it has to be an expensive set with instructions on how to make a crap car.

Hating is so much effort.


Opinions and oh wait.. I’m one.

This is only like my 9th post and I’m already feeling great about it. I never thought people would find it, let alone like the stuff I’m writing. Thank you so much for that.
I’m looking forward to getting some info and actually studying peoples personalities. If I manage to do that and categorise them, black and white does work!
So another moan – Opinionated people i deal with everyday, and to be honest I bloody hate them, in fact most of these shoutey idiots are wrong, shouting the answer to a question or telling you the right thing to do. Check your facts before spreading the word of facts. Wait, does that make me opinionated? AW who cares I’m allowed to be with myself. This is why I’m on here, so I don’t rabbit on to people about stupid rubbish.

Here’s some:

Seriously though, teenagers (boys) and their bloody joggers too small and beautiful long quiff hair and dirt free everything, they actually walk back straight up, looking forward to not make a hair come out of place, all of this would be fine if they didn’t look like big fat toads slammed into their mums leggings, obesity is an epidemic and they think its OK to marshmallow around the place with a big fat, red face thinking their beautiful. I have a right, most of these things normally have something abusive to say to me.

Also it seems like people who don’t understand vegetarianism is getting a bit ridiculous. Like what’s not to understand, and yes of course fish is meat you cretin. And saying “I just don’t think of the animal when I eat it” is also stupid. My 15 year old brother just turned vegetarian because he doesn’t agree with halal. How can he be made fun of in school for caring for animals and not wanting them to suffer that horrific way. The jokes are not funny. People should stop “caring” only when people are looking and do it for real.


My car

So more hates…..I HATE walking, like I would do without food and drink just to not walk there. So I decided to pass my test and get a car….. Well I’m not walking anymore. Someone should have told me that as soon as the test is passed, people slither from every woodwork imaginable and need a lift.
The thing is, my car is something I bought with my absolutely no money, so the car is… working, to be generous. I love helping the people I love and that’s it, a family member had cancer and we traveled every day for treatment, no moans or bitching, this is someone I love. But I also remember the people who are supposed to be there for you and don’t help you when you need it, since I’m the only driver in my family, I have immense power, and I have no problems sitting on the iron throne and telling them all to kiss a cactus on the cheek.
Another reason I needed a car, buses do not suit me at all, I did buses for years and I think finally stopping that has helped me so much. I’m quite a twitchy person when I’m nervous and staring people makes it worse, so I end up almost break dancing where I’m sitting. Trying to hold that in always makes that worse too so then little chirps and beeps come out and I’m really the main attraction on a bus.
My girlfriend calls it “chickening” because I flap about. That’s actually pretty accurate. She has a wonderful way with words.


Hate it.

Here’s the things I hate the most;
weather – sun is the worst, snow’s a little better at least people don’t expect walking and fun in the winter so much, I still hate it though. Natural light I detest, my windows have black out blinds on them, I don’t like the weather telling me what to do.
Food – I hate most foods, obviously if you hadn’t guessed already I’m a vegetarian (an easy switch to make since I was grossed out by meat anyway), pretty much all my food is whiteish, mashed potato, rice, porridge, banana (don’t be smart, i mean the inside of bananas) etc. I have tried all kinds of different foods and I honestly hate all of them.
Time – time is my worst enemy, it tells me what to do constantly and I have a problem with that, I’m never late so I’m always in a rush and people with me don’t care so much about it and it’s a constant stressful battle.
Other peoples face’s – only if they’re looking at me and I see words in their eyes. Don’t even dare, that’s a serious awkward situation that you’re getting yourself in there and you’ll be full of regret and extremely distraught, I live like this, awkward is where I sit in conversation so I’m actually quite used to it. Over and over again doesn’t help me either though.
Trainer socks – obvious reasons…
Things people say – “you don’t know obviously, you don’t have kids”. “What age are you? Don’t you have kids?”. “No I didn’t fart” – that’s when its just 2 people, that one really upsets me because its turning into a potential life threatening lie. “I honestly don’t eat that much”. “Oh, you’re gay? That’s fine with me, I don’t have a problem with it” – thanks so much I needed your random person approval to be gay. “Oh, you’re gay? This girl tried to kiss me once and I kicked her head in” – you’re so clever! and also no I don’t fancy you so you don’t have to conjure up a story to make sure I don’t swoon over your fat oily face. I’m sure this category will be updated a lot.