Her, Maybe nicer posts?


We’ve been together almost 8 years and have been through almost everything a couple can go through. I feel like, now that I have her, my life has meaning. I know how it sounds.

I am a difficult person to be with I totally get that. I try my best to change and be not so annoying and moany about everything. I have definitely changed so much over the years and so has she. I think when people say “I won’t change for anyone” is a load of rubbish. If you are genuinely in love, then you would want to make that person happy and you change together to fit better. I’m on pills to help with all the problems I have, but if she wasn’t there to keep me sane and grounded I’d probably be in a psych ward.

It makes my stomach churn to try think of the words to explain how I actually feel. Love isn’t even close.
We met quite young and were both not very stable. We’ve put each other through hell and I would have followed her off a cliff if she’d told me to. We’re still young though and are much stronger than most people I know. Nothing matters now that we have each other.

Forever isn’t enough time to spend with her.