Another day

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. I’ve been ILL like ill! I think I get man flu. It’s probably because I’m gay and that one of us has to be the person who needs taken care of constantly and fed grapes and soup. My poor girlfriend..
I’m also stricken with after TV show depression. Which should be a medical condition. You watch about 10 seasons of something, become so attached to it that you forget that it’s not real life and then it just stops. Even if it started out crap, it still ends and you’re left to fend for yourself and try to find another show, which is proving harder and harder because I think I’ve seen almost everything that’s on or been on.
Wow I’m boring.

One of the worst things people can ask you for “small talk”
“What music are you into?”
Hmm seriously. Who cares and also when I tell you its not pop and say bands then you get a glazed look and go “oooohh I’ll need to look that up.” Shut up no you won’t. I just say now “probably everything” that covers it.
“What movies do you like?”
“Probably everything.” Because when I say brokeback mountain and dawn of the dead I get looked at like a gross hog.
“What do you do on your spare time?”
Why all the questions!!! And anyway, these things are never anything people really want to know,  they’re not going to pass you with someone going “oh that random person I met once likes to tie knots. What’s an interesting answer to that anyway? I’d like to be impressed by a good answer, although don’t say skydiving because you don’t do that with your spare time, you did it once, and you were attached to a guy, you’re not making yourself look cool.

I still don’t feel well. I’ve ran out of TV and I need some entertainment.


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