No clock, I was just looking at one. Saying something stupid normally starts me talking or writing or whatever. See I’m doing it now.
Thoughts going through my head, how come every clock in the bloody world always tick at different times so you have one big massive click when there’s silence. Aw I was thinking about clocks. Another thought. Why does it always rain on me?
I always get this thing where I do something stupid on repeat even when it starts to hurt. It’s always different, stupid stuff like clenching my jaw, and I do it till it drives me crazy, then after a month or so of really doing my own head in, I stop it because I must forget. It’s like when you have something sore and you have to press it to make sure it still hurts. It’s like that but constant actual constant. I used to focus my eyes in and out when I was young, because I had to do some damage. I need glasses now so that’s kind of the crap I do. I know it sounds so so silly and its not a problem anyone in the world would care about if I say I’m clenching my jaw so I’ll ruin my teeth. They’ll just say stop doing it. It sounds so stupid reading this back. This is something that really really gets to me, out of all the rubbish my brain tortures me with, that’s the one that takes the big ass biscuit. I was seeing this psychologist doctor guy, and at the time I was tensing my neck (I know how it sounds) to make myself look like a big stupid toad and he noticed I was doing it and I was well embarrassed. Another one. I got caught by a guy when I was going through the stage of moving my ears constantly and he was like “wtf’s wrong with your ears” I have to be like aww I’m just like that. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard but I’m sure OCDers don’t tell people the silly things. But this actually takes up a lot of my stress space. So if anyone reads this and you think you have problems, you don’t know the half of it sister, people like me have to go through this! Your problems are nothing compared to me butt clenching every time someone’s behind me. That was a joke, just in case.
Remember I’m not ever serious, well the things I write are bloody real, but I try not take myself too seriously, me and my girlfriend have a laugh at the stuff I do, it makes it almost normal to deal with. She thinks it’s hilarious when I tell her stories about my random people interactions because I am very good at doing something aspergery or saying something stupid.
Random shop lady: “hi how are you today? Do you need help packing your bags?”
Me: “no theres no windows in the upstairs of the town hall.”
Nah that’s not real but that’s pretty close.
Anyway I intelligently digress. Make sure you wear long knee socks with shorts. And stay out of the cat box.


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