Wow! It’s been so long!

Hello to the world! That’s a joke I don’t even think people read my blog.
So I remember saying as soon as you reach like 20, years just disappear. Well bloody guess what? I was 26 last year and now I’m 27. Yes I know. But now I realise the massive difference between the two. Like 26 I’m still a young spring chicken, but 27! Now I’m supposed to have 3 kids a mortgage and 2 divorces by now. Now I’m telling myself people aren’t in their prime till they’re 33 so I’ve bought my ocd some time for that.
I’m a little different now. Got some meds and stuff and they’re really helping, like people say you can’t medicate aspergers and stuff, but they help the big stuff. Like going out isn’t too bad. I can talk to people a little, albeit a huge laugh and a flailing arms one word answer, but it’s something.
I hate everything still. Here’s a quick list of things new to my hates:
People hoovering
People who say on social media that they’re cleaning their house (if they need to tell people then their houses are a mess and covering up a big dirt conspiracy)
People who say social media.
People who pick their noses outside. Or do a big blow snot on the ground. Like pick your nose inside that’s a private area.
People who pick at their bums.
People who fart in shops and leave it for me to trudge through and then everyone else thinks it was me.
Ladies toilets. Who is this one person who dumps and leaves it!! I’ve came up with a theory about that actually. I think it’s the same lady that goes to every female bathroom and drops a big tonner and is gone before you get there on to the next one. Because everyone goes “awww ooohhh who’s so disgusting this is a ladies toilet” so no one does it but her! If she’s out there I will find her.

I can’t remember what I’ve already written since its been so long.
Maybe I should stop here. I have so much to say to myself. I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow.


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