Maybe nicer posts?

Nothing and em…. Oops

So here I am again…
Nothing to blog about because I’ve ran my mouth so much I’ve actually emptied.
So I’ll just ramble for a bit because I feel like I have to, this thing really helps me.
So I had my melons by the way if you read my other posts. And it was very unsatisfactory. My melons were rancid. So then I ended up having to take a bin out in the howling wind and rain. That was a lie, it was just cold.
I’m typing and there’s some weird dirt blob on my “a” button and I keep touching it. I hope its not something untoward. Now I’m scared its a disease……
Add egg<<<<< that was me wiping it off. Now there's traces on the "r" candies vagrant<<< OK got it all.
Back to the important business then. I hate most of my family. They’re bloody horrible people. I don’t talk to them anyway but there’s a birthday today. I want to send them a card with a big stool in it. Happy birthday stool…
My car sucks. Every time I go out in it I feel like its going to crumble around me and I’ll be driving a metal frame.
My girlfriends good though. We had a nice few days together. We don’t get much time together though. She’s a busy bee. I try not to moan about everything I moan about. This blog must be a godsend to her, although I think I still yell about everything I hate. Its OK though she just let’s me yell and say’s “yes dear” until I’m done.
This turned out to be not too bad. But this is absolutely how my brain works. This is how I talk to my brain. Whoever reads this knows me better than the closest people to me. Maybe I should stop it.
Why is it when you reach like age 20, years just disappear. I’ll be like 60 before I’ve blinked and I’ll be smelly and the youths will be like “hey you over there, what’s it like to have no hair?” Well that’s assuming I go lady bald. I think I made that up. They’ll be like “born in 1988? Did you have shoes?” I’ll be explaining CD’s and the newspaper to them all gathered in awe.
OK I should shut it now this is getting bloody ridiculous…….. WOW.


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