I had nothing to blog, then I typed.

I feel like i should post everyday. I aways have so much to say normally and everyone’s telling me to shut it and stop moaning about everything. But now I have my moan blog, I can’t think of any more moans. I do honestly surprise myself with how I find problems with everything and everyone, its only a little harmless asperger sarcasm, which means I actually mean it and you are a fat cow. I always thought it was funny, my mum is the only one that laughs at me, everyone else just tuts and shakes their heads. I don’t slag people off, that’s just bloody nasty I’m not like that, like I’ll say oh she was a big fat doughnut in they leggings, that was actually advice for her to maybe get something that doesn’t make her look like a circle.
Like look at his Jesus sandals with a suit on and socks, he looks like a deserted island lawyer, maybe get some shoes they’re probably cheaper than they beauties, and he would look nice and not get growled at by every female who see’s him. Then he can keep his good sandals for when he needs apostles.
Advice! Not nasty! And I make myself laugh. I would never actually say to anybody’s face. I’m a girl, I do it behind their backs where they don’t know they should feel bad about themselves.


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