Opinions and oh wait.. I’m one.

This is only like my 9th post and I’m already feeling great about it. I never thought people would find it, let alone like the stuff I’m writing. Thank you so much for that.
I’m looking forward to getting some info and actually studying peoples personalities. If I manage to do that and categorise them, black and white does work!
So another moan – Opinionated people i deal with everyday, and to be honest I bloody hate them, in fact most of these shoutey idiots are wrong, shouting the answer to a question or telling you the right thing to do. Check your facts before spreading the word of facts. Wait, does that make me opinionated? AW who cares I’m allowed to be with myself. This is why I’m on here, so I don’t rabbit on to people about stupid rubbish.

Here’s some:

Seriously though, teenagers (boys) and their bloody joggers too small and beautiful long quiff hair and dirt free everything, they actually walk back straight up, looking forward to not make a hair come out of place, all of this would be fine if they didn’t look like big fat toads slammed into their mums leggings, obesity is an epidemic and they think its OK to marshmallow around the place with a big fat, red face thinking their beautiful. I have a right, most of these things normally have something abusive to say to me.

Also it seems like people who don’t understand vegetarianism is getting a bit ridiculous. Like what’s not to understand, and yes of course fish is meat you cretin. And saying “I just don’t think of the animal when I eat it” is also stupid. My 15 year old brother just turned vegetarian because he doesn’t agree with halal. How can he be made fun of in school for caring for animals and not wanting them to suffer that horrific way. The jokes are not funny. People should stop “caring” only when people are looking and do it for real.


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