Questions i should ask myself

When will you stop thinking farts are funny?

Why do you only eat one thing over and over until you’re sick of it and have to find another thing to eat over and over again?

Do people just become mature or is this it for you?

Why does no one else complain about that?

Did you actually do that or was it a dream? I hope it was a dream.

When will people stop asking if you’re a boy or a girl? (Actually now its man or woman)

Why do you let stupid things bother you? Like when someone clearly has had their backhair conditioned and blow dried.

Why do you only cry when animals die?

Why are you still scared of the dark? Is it still a bogeyman? 

Why, when someone outside asks you a question, do you respond with a explosive laugh and walk away?

You’re obviously not a martial arts ninja, why do you act like one?


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