My car

So more hates…..I HATE walking, like I would do without food and drink just to not walk there. So I decided to pass my test and get a car….. Well I’m not walking anymore. Someone should have told me that as soon as the test is passed, people slither from every woodwork imaginable and need a lift.
The thing is, my car is something I bought with my absolutely no money, so the car is… working, to be generous. I love helping the people I love and that’s it, a family member had cancer and we traveled every day for treatment, no moans or bitching, this is someone I love. But I also remember the people who are supposed to be there for you and don’t help you when you need it, since I’m the only driver in my family, I have immense power, and I have no problems sitting on the iron throne and telling them all to kiss a cactus on the cheek.
Another reason I needed a car, buses do not suit me at all, I did buses for years and I think finally stopping that has helped me so much. I’m quite a twitchy person when I’m nervous and staring people makes it worse, so I end up almost break dancing where I’m sitting. Trying to hold that in always makes that worse too so then little chirps and beeps come out and I’m really the main attraction on a bus.
My girlfriend calls it “chickening” because I flap about. That’s actually pretty accurate. She has a wonderful way with words.


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