Hate it.

Here’s the things I hate the most;
weather – sun is the worst, snow’s a little better at least people don’t expect walking and fun in the winter so much, I still hate it though. Natural light I detest, my windows have black out blinds on them, I don’t like the weather telling me what to do.
Food – I hate most foods, obviously if you hadn’t guessed already I’m a vegetarian (an easy switch to make since I was grossed out by meat anyway), pretty much all my food is whiteish, mashed potato, rice, porridge, banana (don’t be smart, i mean the inside of bananas) etc. I have tried all kinds of different foods and I honestly hate all of them.
Time – time is my worst enemy, it tells me what to do constantly and I have a problem with that, I’m never late so I’m always in a rush and people with me don’t care so much about it and it’s a constant stressful battle.
Other peoples face’s – only if they’re looking at me and I see words in their eyes. Don’t even dare, that’s a serious awkward situation that you’re getting yourself in there and you’ll be full of regret and extremely distraught, I live like this, awkward is where I sit in conversation so I’m actually quite used to it. Over and over again doesn’t help me either though.
Trainer socks – obvious reasons…
Things people say – “you don’t know obviously, you don’t have kids”. “What age are you? Don’t you have kids?”. “No I didn’t fart” – that’s when its just 2 people, that one really upsets me because its turning into a potential life threatening lie. “I honestly don’t eat that much”. “Oh, you’re gay? That’s fine with me, I don’t have a problem with it” – thanks so much I needed your random person approval to be gay. “Oh, you’re gay? This girl tried to kiss me once and I kicked her head in” – you’re so clever! and also no I don’t fancy you so you don’t have to conjure up a story to make sure I don’t swoon over your fat oily face. I’m sure this category will be updated a lot.


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